Ethon Shield SL

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We protect you from attacks and stop threats to your cybersecurity.


Protect your infrastructure!

Ethon Shield helps telecommunication operators protect their infrastructure against new attack vectors such as the last ones made to SS7 networks, implementing protection measures for LTE (4G) UMTS (3G) and GSM (2G) and minimizing fraud on the VoIP and IMS platforms.


Know how resilient your drone is in the face of threats!

Do you want to know how resilient your drone is in the face of real threats? We use the latest techniques of hijacking and drone attacks to measure the effectiveness of the measures implemented, intelligent inhibition techniques, protection of on-board information, remote location and safe development.


Protect yourself against SDR attacks!

If you do not know how the latest attacks using SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology affect the security of your company, we can help you with our ethical hacking program to your private networks (2G, 3G and 4G, TETRA, Wifi, radio frequency and satellite) ), implementing the latest countermeasures to minimize the impact of all these attacks.


Protect your car!

Is your car safe? Ask us about our unique audits, in which we analyze all the components shipped in the car using different techniques of radio frequency hacking (Software Defined Radio) and electronics (hardware hacking).


Areas of expertise


Ethon Shield has a long history of performing security audits in communications networks, security support offices in the network area, support for the implementation of firewalls of SS7 networks and audits to virtualization of telecommunications networks.

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We design robust protocols analysis services generating reverse engineering tests, security audits designed to measure the strength of communications and implementation of measures to avoid vehicle hijacking or loss of merchandise, using the techniques more advanced attack GPS spoofing, hardware hacking, inhibition by smart signals, false cells 4G, 3G and 2G.

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Unique portfolio of tools and accumulated experience in safety testing of companies in sectors such as industry and transport, where it is increasingly common to use protocols such as NFC / RFID or the implementation of private networks TETRA, Wifi or analogue radio in companies. It is in these where our unique vision and own tools show a different point of view, supported with the support to the implementation of security measures to mitigate or minimize these attacks.

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